The City Transformer platform is a safe personal transportation solution which is well suited to city traffic.The car has folding capability: When the car is in driving mode, its track width is equal to the track width of a conventional car, with high safety factor. When it is in parking mode, its track width is considerably smaller and the car takes up a space similar to that of a motorcycle, and saves valuable parking space. The car propulsion system is based on an electric engine and battery.Since the car is very light and its natural neighborhood is the city, range issues are not anticipated. Thus the proposed car will close the gap between two-wheel vehicles and traditional cars.



Offers the feel and safety of driving a car with a platform width of 1.6 meters in drive mode. A two-seater light electric car – a quadricycle.


The car is the ultimate symbol of freedom – but not in the city. Parking has become a challenge for urban drivers.At the CT Transformer we are committed to give you the freedom of city driving with our novel concept of a folding car.


The first “foldable” car that can shrink its wheel-width.