​The Olivexpress is the first-of-its-kind device for the making of olive oil in an ordinary family kitchen.

​To make high-quality olive oil, you need freshly-picked olives – no later than two days after picking. Until now, this limitation restricted the need for home-based oil-making devices to owners of olive trees or small orchards. Another drawback curbing the development of such devices is the seasonality of the olive tree. The Olivexpress company has developed a technique for preserving olives in their “virgin” state, suitable for making of quality oil, for periods of up to six months. Since at any given moment, in some part of the globe olives are in season, the Olivexpress company is able to provide its customers with specially preserved olives throughout the year.


The device itself is only an end implement in an entire system that provides customers with ready-for-pressing olives, all year long. The product is 70 percent smaller than the smallest comparable device found on the market today, while capable of reaching a surprisingly high level of extraction, closely similar to that of a full-size commercial oil press.

The operational interface is completely physical. We attempted to make the operation as clear as possible by accentuating by color and touch each and every stage of the device’s action (grinding, filtering and precipitation).​