Grofit’s product enables accurate measurement of greenhouse conditions easily and to an advanced degree.

The product encompasses a large number of measurements, amongst which the amount of light during the day, the components of the soil, the quality of the air and the amount of water and irrigation, etc. Until now this data was collected manually by a qualified technician and it was necessary to physically come to the greenhouse in order to sample the soil, measure the light, monitor the amount of water, etc.

Using BLE technology, Grofit allows the gathering of all the most extensive surface data on a vehicle equipped with a proximity beacon that passes nearby the device.

This is possible with very low consumption of electricity and therefore the device does not have to be connected to the infrastructure for electricity / light / communications, and can be easily placed in any greenhouse or area of growth as required

Thanks to this method, every agriculturalist or any company supplying seeds is able to realize maximal agricultural productivity simply and without the necessity to set up expensive infrastructure.

The YAMA Company has developed the electronic and mechanical installations of this product as well as the design of the product itself. The item has been designed cylindrically, allowing it to be placed in any part of the greenhouse with the sensors gathering input from every possible direction, and thereby allowing flexibility in their positioning. We have also developed a special loop by which the device can be hung securely onto cables already existing in the greenhouse, and still allow the product to be stabilized and level, which is essential for the quality of the measurement.

YAMA has been a full partner in development of the product and in the testing process, and also manufactures the product in its entirety for the customer.