Double Alpha is a world leader in the field of competitive shooting products. The product recognizes the specific firing sounds and counts or schedules them. The product has been designed to serve the competitor during the competition and training phase, as well as to act as an accessory for the competition judges.

The ergonomic challenge was to create a product that would be very impervious and durable on the one hand, but very comfortable to hold on the other. The environment of competitive shooting is a harsh and demanding environment and requires maximum comfort and safety. The design structure of the product derives from the way it is used; when the competitor hangs the product on a belt or places it at the exit point; or if the judge holds it in his hand.

The grip must be very safe and comfortable, and the screen should be very legible for the judge and designed in such a way that he can show the result to the competitor. This is because the shooting environment is extremely noisy, so very loud speakers are used to intensify the sound of the shooting in order that this can be heard clearly during the competition.

The YAMA company developed the design and the mechanical installation, and also manufactured the entire product for Double Alpha.