Yetitoy is an integration of a tricycle with a large-size doll – it encourages the child to engage in an integrative play, riding a bike while conducting free play with the doll’s character.

Yetitoy’s unique design allows us to present a tricycle with no internal frame, but more importantly, the innovative axis design gives the product a complete, seamless appearance.

In creating Yetitoy, we emphasized the guiding principles of proper design – an unmistakably iconic look and meticulous attention for every detail.
The Yetitoy was inspired by classic wooden toys, wholesome products that were both refined and of timeless quality.

Our purpose was to present a toy that would offer the child a wide field to employ his imagination, thus developing a personal connection with the character.

YetiZoo  more than a ride on (2013)

From the Yetitoy collection comes a new friend , the YetiZoo. A toy and a ride on that hides a secret place for jungle treasure.  join the Yetitoy family to enrich the wonderful imaginary world of your child.

YetiToy constitutes innovation in the world of children’s movement whereby it improves the motor and emotional development of children.


The design of the product brings about an emotional connection between the child and the YetiToy.

The steering handlebar is counteracted such that it ensures maximum for child while riding and turning. The YetiToy is constructed of innovative plastic materials which provide velvety, strong and superior feeling.

The YetiToy complies with the EN-71, ASTM and GS standards.