This is an innovative company in the field of flash storage. Reduxio’s products have been designed to provide storage for large amounts of secure information, with direct and very fast access to any file, at any given time during its lifespan.

The bezel that we designed and produced was supposed to provide an aesthetic solution that would express the innovative and high-quality values ​​of the company, on the one hand; and furnish practical value, on the other hand. Often in products of this nature the cover constitutes a nuisance for the operating personnel who, after a while, simply remove it. The cover that we have designed is easy to detach and actually opens on a hinge, allowing the technician access to all of the operating parts without having to disconnect the bezel.

The challenge facing us was to enable the continuation of electrical contact, opening and closing, and to create a disconnect mechanism in the event that the technician is hindered by the cover. We produced additional uses for the bezel. Firstly – in the field of security – the bezel locks the detachment mechanism of the hard disks so that it is possible to remotely detect if someone is tampering with the system. Secondly, to indicate the good working condition of the system, or a situation of malfunction.

YAMA designed, planned and manufactured the product for Reduxio.