Brieftrace has developed a product for tracking shipments.

The innovative product enables tracking of each package consistently or accurately, both in the sea and in the air, while providing information on various indicators of the package. The indicators include precise location, temperature and warnings regarding unauthorized opening / closing, as well as specifying different location points during the movement of the package.

The uniqueness of the product is that it uses block-chain technology for the purpose of accurately transferring the information in a secure and specific manner. The technology also makes it possible to handle payments and ensure commitments related to the product.

In respect of this product we provided the company with a finished product that included development of the conceptual design, the mechanical design of the product, production of models for the development and testing process, as well as production of the product itself.

For this product we developed a design language that enables the production of diverse models for different tasks at varying levels of function: an iconic shape was determined that allows for the product to be made in different sizes and configurations, while preserving the identity of the product itself. The thin, smooth shape should help the product to adapt easily in packaging of various sizes, and permit connection to external accessories for the purpose of hanging it on a container, etc.

We developed an innovative charging concept for this product because each operator uses a large number of devices. We looked for a method that would allow easy and safe charging. The solution selected for this product is stacked charging – according to this principle, it is possible to charge many small devices within a small space.