YAMA regards design and engineering design as one whole process.

We tend to see manufacturing needs and constraints not as a challenge to be met by design and engineering, but as an excellent opportunity to create an innovative design and an exceptionally successful product. We integrate design and engineering in every project from day one. Every designing concept involves thinking about the planning process, every engineering design process is also examined by way of the aesthetic aspect. This way, in our opinion, consolidates the final product’s quality.

Our work process is product oriented. In all our endeavors we consider how our design serves the client’s goals, from the client’s and the user’s needs perspective and the  commercial and costing viewpoint.

We have a diverse team including designers and engineers from different backgrounds: designing cars and consumer goods, industrial equipment and medical devices.

Our goal is to see the products we designed sold successfully, bringing pleasure and respect to the clients.


Elegance – that’s our guiding principle in every new product design.

We believe in an iconic design, as simple as possible. In our opinion, a product has to be legible and simple to grasp, both practically, culturally and aesthetically. We integrate engineering ideas from the first design stages, knowing that there is a direct link between function and aesthetics.

We strive to create an authentic point of view about the users, and truly understand their many faceted needs. For us, design is an aesthetic language and we try to be eloquent speakers and communicate well through the product.

Our work process combines classic development techniques like using handmade sketches, mockups and practical experiments, but also virtual models and three dimensional printing all through the development process.

Our designing team is meticulously involved in all the engineering development process to the final production stage; it’s also involved in all the engineering development stages and leads the R&D projects. The designing team is the end user’s “representative” all through the development process.


We provide full engineering design services, from the initial idea to supplying the products to the customer.
Based on YAMA’s principles, our engineering team accompanies the project in the industrial design stages and initial research. We believe that combined efforts optimize the work process and improve the outcome.
As manufacturers, we are well versed in the production, visibility and cost that derive from the planning process.
We are very experienced in most of the mass production techniques: injection molding, die casting, sheet metal etc.
We can also be part of the R&D stage, development and development models production.


YAMA produces whole products or specific parts for its clients. The team in charge has 20 years of experience in production in Israel and China. Our firm has offices in China, where a local engineering team oversees acquisitions and quality assurance, and also takes part in the final engineering process involving the production preparation.

We use most of the mass production techniques: injection molding, die casting, sheet metal etc.

We can provide a turnkey project including the whole process, beginning with the initial idea up to the final assembled product.

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