Yama was founded in 2008. Yama is a production, an engineering and a Design company, provided with a unique control of new technologies and ideas. We are based in the heart of the business center in Netanya. The group brings tremendous experience from projects across industries and functions, including: automobiles, plastic, medicine, toys and more.

Inspired by the keywords of passion and devotion, “Yama Tech” team, a dynamic and innovative team, works to reach the best solutions for our clients.

We tend to see manufacturing needs and constraints not as a challenge to be met by design and engineering, but as an excellent opportunity to create an innovative design and an exceptionally successful product. We integrate design and engineering in every project from day one. Every designing concept involves thinking about the manufacturing process; every engineering design is also examined by way of the aesthetic aspect. This way, in our opinion, consolidates the final product’s quality.

Our skill, knowledge and expertise in creative design, development and assembly among other things, have already been rewarded by acquiring several important international awards.



Yama Tech management team has over 20 years of combined experience in manufacturing and New Product Development. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, with international experience in; product engineering, Industrial and Product Design; Production, Consumer and Market Trend Analysis; Ergonomics; Business Development; Legal experience; and product development Management. All of our experience helps us to provide a complete offering.


Meir Lerer – Founder and managing Partner –

Meir has over 20 years of international experience managing product development, strategy and marketing in the Internet and telecommunication industries as well as legal experience in commercial law and intellectual property.

Meir holds LL.B. and B.A. degrees in Law and Business and is an active member of the Israel Bar Association.


Ilan Etedgi – Founder and partner – Senior Mechanical Design

Ilan has over 25 years of experience in multidiscipline in different conducts mechanical developments in a wide range of technologies. Needless to be said, Ilan’s department has the ability to take any product from technical specifications all the way to the final high-quality product.

Ilan holds B.A degree in Mechanical engineering.


Eyal Cremer– Founder and partner – senior Industrial Designer 

Eyal graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (Department of Industrial Design) and received an MA degree at transportation design, Umea University in Sweden.

Eyal has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of product design for many international and Israeli companies competing in the global market.

Eyal has extensive experience in vehicle design, exterior and interior. He worked at Volvo and Skoda.

Ilan Etedgi

Eyal Cremer

Meir Lerer