Elegance – that’s our guiding principle in every new product design.

Here in YAMA We believe in an iconic design, as simple as possible. In our opinion, a product has to be legible and simple to grasp, both practically, culturally and aesthetically. We integrate engineering ideas from the first design stages, knowing that there is a direct link between function and aesthetics.

We strive to create an authentic point of view about the users, and truly understand their many faceted needs. For us, design is an aesthetic language and we try to be eloquent speakers and communicate well through the product.

Our work process combines classic development techniques like using handmade sketches, mockups and practical experiments, but also virtual models and three dimensional printing all through the development process.

Our designing team in YAMA is meticulously involved in all the engineering development process to the final production stage; it’s also involved in all the engineering development stages and leads the R&D projects. The designing team is the end user’s “representative” all through the development process.