YAMA provides it’s clients with full turnkey solutions from research and development of the concept, product strategy, through product design and ending with mass production. We believe that design, engineering and manufacturing are a holistic process, and we perceive all of the disciplines involved as being one single entity. Based on this approach, we combine design thinking and planning in the design and research processes, and to the same extent we integrate design thinking and aesthetic sensitivity in the engineering development stages. Our knowledge and understanding of the challenges in the production process, and the tremendous significance that lies therein – both in terms of cost and in terms of the product’s ability to be competitive – affect the entire development process, and we maintain an awareness of issues such as cost and production from the stage of conceptual design.


  • 15 years of production experience in China using various technologies.
  • The team is responsible for all the production operation, logistic, mechanical and production engineering, electronic engineering and quality services.
  • Full support during the manufacturing process.
  • Full engineering support to the customers from Israeli site.
  • Full support from the first stages of assembly to mass production.
  • Early price estimation at the first stages of product engineering.


Turnkey solutions:

  • Assembly of SMT components.
  • Reflow oven soldering.
  • X-Ray and AOI machine examination.
  • Manual  or selective soldering.
  • BGA reworks.
  • Final functional and electrical testing.
  • Full Mechanical assembly.
  • QC checks and final visual inspection.
  • Packing and delivery to customer.


Mechanical parts:

  •  Assembly and Subassembly.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication (Punching /NCT).
  • Casting (Pressure, Wax, Sand).
  • Machining (CNC/Mill/Lathe).
  • Painting /printing/silk printing.


Plastic and molding:

  • High pressure injection.
  • Low pressure injection.
  • Mold Analysis Process.
  • Single cavity and multi-cavity injection.
  • Over molding.
  • Mold lifetime: 300,000 to 500,000 shots.


Connectors and cables:

  • Communication cables.
  • Power cables.
  • HDMI cables.
  • RF cables.
  • USB / Networking cables







We have the ability to supply models to our customers for all of the necessary development processes. These models are used for experiments or laboratory testing, as well as ergonomic or finished models for exhibitions or for marketing requirements. We supply models in all of the existing technologies, including: CNC, rapid prototype of all types, molds for small series.

We are also able to supply a variety of finishes: painted, anodized, a variety of polishes, etc.

We integrate various kinds of models throughout the period of our development process, and believe that this provides a significant advantage in achieving a high-quality product.